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Hello all,

I ventured onto the Division One Forum, having clicked on one of the latest threads on the right, then returned very quickly as I don't want to be accused of having ideas beyond my station...I didn't visit the League Two Forum until after our promotion was confirmed, didn't want to jinx us in the play-offs.They have a thread about biggest wins and defeats supporting your team and, as imitation is supposed to be the greatest form of flattery, thought we could have a go for our teams. So, here are mine:Biggest win: 8-0 versus Hyde United - At home on the first day of the 13/14 season. Ironically their best player was probably the goalie, who pulled off a string of decent saves, sadly let down by the ten players in front of him.Biggest defeat: 4-0 at home against Newport County in the season just ended and by the same scoreline away against Stevenage in the FA Trophy in the 08/09 season. The Stevenage game was possibly the worst I have ever seen Rovers play, we were simply dreadful, a bit galling that we showed up for a game where the players didn't. I have seen us concede five goals on a few occasions, but manage to score several ourselves so I went for a couple of games with the largest margin of defeat.I only started watching Rovers around 15 years ago, in that time there have definitely been bigger defeats, I was just lucky not to have witnessed them.

Any suggestions?

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